We are Ananas Bananas:

We are Ananas Bananas in process. Always looking for some great new taste what provides not only the pleasure of eating and looking great. The more important part is how the food works on us. As we all are very sporty people and decided to longlive do our passions: Kitesurfing, Cycling, Yoga, Hiking and many more things they challenge our vitality.

And we all went to several food classes to increase our knowledge about food, mindset what bases the life. The most interesting one was taking part at one of the „RAW AND ROXY“ food classes. The owner Beatrice is a unique mind changing inspiration, who healed herself from cancer by changing her diet to  100% raw vegan.

Futher and due to the quality selection of nutritions, we use Bio Scan, a Quantum Resonance Magnetic Reader. See where your are straight away with this non invasive reading. What is pretty amazing! Join the club 😀

Greetings and lot of love,
André, Henrieke, Kim, Kristian and Kathrin

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